Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage..........30min $55

A great way to encourage relaxation eliminate extra body fluid, waste and improve blood circulation.


Swedish Full Body Massage..........1 hour $95

Promotes general relaxation and improves circulation as well as relieving muscle tension and stroking of superficial muscles for general wellbeing.


Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage..........30min $55

A relaxing, stress-relieving massage customised with essential oils to suit the individual.


Aromatherapy Body Massage...........1 hour $95

Our body chemistry shares a natural affinity with that of plants. Concentrated botanical extracts in the form of fragrant essential oils are filled with subconscious "Phyto Messages" that stir emotions, induce profound relaxation and even enhance the memory. These pure essences encourage hormonal balance and fortify the immune system.


Remedial Massage...........1 hour $95

A perfect massage to help treat specific areas of muscle tension, soft tissue injuries, aching muscles and postural imbalance cause by stress or injury. The therapy also helps to get the blood flowing to injured tissues to speed up the repair process. This massage technique can be used for relaxing and general wellbeing.


Thai Massage...........1 hour $95

The Thai style massage use both palm and thumb to concentrate on the pressure points of you whole body. Thai massage includes some stretching to reduce fatigue and release tight muscles while improving blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Pregnancy Massage............1 hour $95

This full body massage designed for the Mum to be will relieve tension and stress from the body and rebalance and relax the mind.


Reflexology and Foot Massage..........1 hour $65

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the belief that there are reflex areas on the feet corresponding to all the parts of the feet corresponding to all the parts of the body including major organs and systems through the reflex areas on the feet. Reflexology helps to clear out congestion, release blocked energy and improve circulation. It promotes the immune system and assists prevention against disease. It may help relieve pain associated with migraine, sinus problems, and digestive problems, black problems, tension and stress.


Indian Head Massage...........15min - _25_  30mins _45

This form of massage works on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp, ears and face.  The areas are massaged using firm yet gentle, rhythmic movements that involve acupressure points called Marma points.